Apple Shortcuts are cool

I love Shortcuts. While a bit obtuse to navigate, I find it very rewarding to explore all the options Shortcuts has to offer. Here’s a little list of kind of wild things Shortcuts can do:

In the past, I’ve been a fan of hammerspoon for automating things on MacOS. I feel that Shortcuts is now essentially a viable replacement. Here’s a few projects I’ve now built with Shortcuts (warning - links will open in Shortcuts):

Additionally, if you use Apple HomeKit, automations can trigger a shortcut. I have used this for example to toggle a power switch on and off after a duration from a single button press.

Learning Shortcuts is essentially a matter of just diving in. Some documentation is available from Apple but I have not found any central source that has an easy to navigate explanation of every action. There is also extremely limited documentation built in to the Shortcuts app itself. The reddit community at /r/shortcuts has some decent specific use case examples which are super helpful as a starting place. I usually search for “{thing I want to do} shortcuts”.

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